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How do chastity femdom and chastity play differ?

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chastity femdom and chastity play are two terms frequently encountered in the BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism) community. Both involve a partner surrendering control of sexual activity to the other, but there are some important distinctions that set these practices apart.

Chastity Femdom, sometimes referred to as “keyholding, is a form of Female Domination. This practice involves the dominant partner controlling the submissive’s sexuality by locking him (or her) in a chastity device. The idea behind this is to prevent any non-consensual sexual activity from taking place. The device is kept locked for an agreed-upon length of time, with the key only given to the dominant partner. Some chastity Femdoms even require their submissives to abide by a specific set of rules or abide by a chastity contract, in which further compliance can dispose of keys.

Chastity play, on the other hand, does not necessarily involve a chastity device. In this case, the dominant partner doesn’t physically restrict the submissive’s access to sexual activity, but rather imposes rules and restrictions on it that each party must adhere to. This could range from prohibiting any sexual activity during certain periods of the day, to limiting sexual activity to specific practices. It’s a way of instilling discipline and obedience on the part of the submissive and providing control and gratification to the dominant partner.

At the core, these two practices are fundamentally different in terms of the elements of control and restriction they involve. While both use control as a way to stimulate each partner, chastity Femdom strives to prevent all sexual activity, while chastity play resides in the realm of consensual restriction and discipline. As such, it is important to note which of these practices are being pursued and agree on the rules and restrictions involved before engaging in either. Site link.

How can someone transition from a femdom sex chat to real-life activities?

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The transition from a femdom sex chat to real-life activities can be a daunting prospect for some, and for this reason, caution and careful thought should be taken when making such a move. Although the Internet provides a great platform for adults to engage in sexually explicit activities in a safe and secure environment, not everyone is comfortable with taking their fetishes and fantasies offline. For those interested in venturing from the safety of their home into the realm of femdom sex services, here are some useful tips for a successful and safe transition.

Firstly, it is important to establish trust between parties involved. It is important to remember that meeting someone from the internet in person, no matter the circumstances, presents an element of risk, and precautions should be taken to ensure a safe and smooth transition. Obtaining references from any escorts, chat room members, or other contacts that the individual has developed an online rapport with is advised, as well as researching thoroughly on the internet prior to meet up.

When the time comes to actually meet, the recommended course of action is to organise the meetup in a neutral, public place. This not only allows safety in terms of ensuring the individual can easily leave if necessary, but also offers an environment free from any unwanted pressure or expectations.

Finally, it is essential to approach the situation openly and honestly, particularly in terms of communication. Doing so helps foster an atmosphere of trust and respect that is an absolute must in any femdom situation. Should any new boundaries or limits be set, they should be communicated clearly and outlined in detail, and any fantasies or activities should be discussed prior to actually engaging in them.

In summary, transitioning from a femdom sex chat to real-life activities can be a safe and positive experience for those interested. It is, however, recommended to take the necessary steps outlined above to ensure a smooth transition and promote a safe and trusting atmosphere.

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